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Florida man arrested after troopers find high-tech, toll-dodging license plate shield

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Robert Craig Davis

It was a foolproof plan to avoid paying tolls — until he was caught by an off-duty trooper.

Robert Craig Davis, 70, of Florida,  was arrested on Nov. 17 after troopers found a remote control that could raise and lower a shield to block his license plate, according to the Miami Herald.

With this device, Davis could drive through a toll without paying and, due to the deployed black cloth shield, cameras would not be able to snap a photo of his plates to send him a bill.

News of the deceptive driver first arose during the summer when drivers caught video of a minivan using the remote-controlled shield.

Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Alejandro Camacho spotted the plate cover in action while driving through the Bird Road toll plaza on the Florida turnpike, the Miami Herald reported.

While following the minivan, Camacho called in the discovery.

Troopers found not only the remote, but also a SunPass transponder inside of a static shield bag in the glove compartment. The bag interrupted signal so that tolls could not charge the transponder.

Davis faces a charge of organized fraud and petty theft.

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