Ape on birth control gives birth to surprising 7th baby at San Diego Zoo

SAN DIEGO — Eloise wasn’t even showing before a new baby siamang came into the world at the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

What is even more surprising is that Eloise was on birth control.

The 37-year-old siamang hadn’t a baby in 12 years, but, despite her birth control, Eloise and 35-year-old Unkie had their 7th child anyway on Nov. 12.

Zoo officials say they don’t know for certain why the birth control didn’t work, but the birth control can fail, same as with humans, according to the Union-Tribune.

Despite the surprise, the newborn’s birth is far from bad news because siamangs, a species of gibbon, are endangered.

One more baby means one more shot at pushing the species out of endangerment.

The San Diego Zoo has not yet determined a name for the new siamang and hasn’t even checked and assigned the baby’s gender.

Sometime in the next few months, zoo officials plan to get all that sorted out.

“We’re just going to allow her to be a mama for right now,” said zoo spokesman Andrew James to the Union-Tribune.

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