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Greensboro police offer class on dealing with active shooter situation

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Police officers in Greensboro are offering a class on how to respond to mass threats and shootings. They want people outside of law enforcement to know what to do in these life-threatening situations.

"I feel unfortunately this has become all too common, so we have to have a response for it,” said Lt. Dan Moore, of the Greensboro Police Department.

Awareness and preparedness were the two biggest lessons from Greensboro Police Department’s active assailant course.

"What I wanted folks to walk away with predominantly is a new mindset,” Moore said.

Through statistics and examples, officers showed people several ways they can stay as safe as possible while waiting for law enforcement to respond.

"If you do something there's going to be an outcome but if you freeze up and do nothing, there's still going to be an outcome," Moore said.

Businesses, school staff and college students attended this first-ever class.

Madison Metz, a UNCG student, said a threat in high school inspired her to sign up. Being at UNCG, she is now more aware of what’s happening on college campuses across the country.

"I feel worried all the time. Just because we are such an easy target. I mean it's like an open field, if I was walking on the EUC Commons Lawn,” Metz said.

She said she took home more knowledge that she’ll add to her current preparedness plan.

"I have about four different plans for every single one of my classrooms on what to do, how to get out, how to break the window," she said.

Greensboro police is offering one more class on Nov. 29. They have 20 available seats left in that class.

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