Scowling boy’s school pictures go viral; mom says man using pictures without permission to make money

A little boy scowling in his school photos has gone viral, but the boy’s mom says a man is using the pictures without her permission to make money.

On Friday, EL Prive posted the photos on Facebook claiming to be the boy’s father. His post has been shared more than 150,000 times.

It appears the photos were used without permission and Prive has no relation to the child.

The boy’s mother, Tantarnea Arnold, told First Coast News the photos are from 2017 and were taken at her son’s day care.

She said her cousin posted the photos and they went viral a year ago.

Now, it appears the fake father is trying to make money off the viral pictures. In the Facebook post, he includes information to have money sent to him.

Arnold said she understands her son’s pictures are out there online and there is nothing she can do about that now, but said it’s disrespectful for anyone to claim her child and try to make money off his pictures.

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