Family, friends in disbelief after UNCG student killed in crash

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Friends and family are in disbelief after the death of a University of North Carolina at Greensboro student was killed in a car wreck Tuesday night.

Police responded to Oakland Avenue and Chapman Court and found a 2016 Mercedes flipped over in a parking lot. Cameron May was a passenger in that car. He was 22 years old and was dead at the scene.

“That was my best friend. We spent most of our time together,” Kylia Sykes said. “[He was] a free minded person... just cool and loving.”

The news of May’s passing touched many hearts across North Carolina.

The UNCG student was well known on campus, as well as in his hometown of Fayetteville.

“We were supposed to play basketball together at the rec today and everything but... I got this tragic news," Sykes said.

Sykes said he’s known May for years. The last time he talked to him was at his brother’s house Tuesday night, an hour before the wreck. He gave him a hard time about not answering his phone.

He also said Ahmed Sinada was with him.

May and Sinada had plans to meet Sykes and the rest of their friends later that night to celebrate his roommate’s birthday.

“I get there and they're like, 'Where is Cam?" and I was like, 'I don't know,'" Sykes said. "I give Cam a call again, no answer. Call him again, no answer. Party still going and it's like two hours later. I text Cam at 1:17, 'Where you at bro,' no answer."

Wednesday morning, word started spreading that one of their good friends passed away.

“I would never think that this would be the outcome of Cam not returning my phone calls. Cam was my best friend. It's hard to see him go like this,” Sykes said.

Police say Sinada, 18, was driving the car and left the area after the crash. Police later found and arrested him. They’ve charged him with felony hit-and-run and misdemeanor death by vehicle.

Greensboro police said they’re still investigating what exactly caused the crash.

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