Kernersville man charged after officials said he used a fake US Marshals badge, identification cards and credentials

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A Kernersville man faces charges after officials said he used a fake U.S. Marshals badge, identification cards and credentials.

Michael Robert Kwasniewski faces charges of impersonating an officer or employee of the U.S. Kwasniewski was arrested at his home in Kernersville on Nov. 2.

U.S. Marshals in September started investigating a report of someone possibly impersonating a deputy marshal.

At first glance the badge, identification cards and credentials looked legitimate, according to U.S. Marshals.

The suspect allegedly told Winston-Salem police in October that he needed help finding a person who recently moved to the area with pending charges for assaulting women and children.

Investigators also said Kwasniewski bought multiple firearms from a local gun store between April 2012 and March 2018 while wearing U.S. Marshal clothing.