Grandfather found dismembered in stranger’s home in Georgia

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Christian Ponce-Martinez

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A grandfather was found dismembered in a neighbor’s home, and police are still looking for answers, WXIA reports.

A woman called police when she got home from work and noticed her husband, 77-year-old Robert Page, wasn’t there.

When police checked a neighbor’s surveillance video, they spotted Christian Ponce-Martinez, 25, on the Page’s property.

The case became clearer when officers made a discovery at about 11 p.m. Thursday night.

“The officers went to the back of the residence and located the offender hiding under a couch, acting very nervous and suspicious. Officers then noticed a trail of blood. They followed it and it was Robert Page’s dismembered remains,” Maj. Craig Hammer told WSB.

Ponce-Martinez is now facing a malice murder charge.

Even with a suspect in custody, police are still working out what could have prompted the killing, according to WXIA.

Police say the two did not know each other, but may have had an argument at Page’s home.

The suspect was new in the neighborhood, having only moved into his rented room next door three months prior.

The suspect was described as uncooperative and combative, leading to a charge of obstruction.

Amidst the mystery, the family mourns the loss of Page, a father of two and grandfather of two.

“He’s irreplaceable. The personality he had was priceless. Nobody will ever be able to top him,” grandson Bobby Austin told WXIA.



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