Davidson County residents say work crews causing dangerous conditions on Old Mountain Road

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- People in the Lexington area say work crews are causing dangerous driving conditions on a road in Davidson County.

Red clay is covering a stretch of Old Mountain Road. According to some drivers, people are leaving their lane to get around the mess.

"This morning it blew up more than it has the last couple times. I think everyone was just tired," said Cindy Bright, a resident. "Like this morning was extremely bad. They were having to slow down because cars were in the lane trying to avoid it and then you got cars coming in the other way."

Several houses line the road and people said traveling on it is unsafe, especially on rainy days.

"There had been a very near close call of a wreck yesterday afternoon. Someone had hydroplaned on mud and almost hit another vehicle. State Highway Patrol had came out," Commissioner Zak Crotts said.

Crotts is aware of the problem and wants something to be done.

"Talking to Representative Larry Potts, he found out that DMV and State Highway Patrol had been out on the scene several times over the last few weeks," Crotts said.

Potts said the district county engineer contacted the land owner and Overton Logging Company.

"Anytime you do that you have to have a temporary driveway permit through the state, that's not a county issue. Part of that permit is you have to keep the roadway free of debris," Crotts said.

Overton Logging Company said they are aware of the concerns and are working to fix things. They're going to dig a culvert to drain the water, put down mats to help with tracking mud and pressure wash their truck tires before hitting the road.

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