Mecklenburg County restaurant worker latest case of hepatitis A, some patrons urged to get vaccinated

Hepatitis A (CDC)

The Mecklenburg County Health Department has confirmed another case of hepatitis A, WSOC reported.

Health officials have not identified the person but said they are a restaurant worker.

A source told WSOC that the possible hepatitis A exposure happened at Village Tavern on Congress Street on Oct. 30. All patrons who ate there on that day are recommended to get the hepatitis A vaccine.

WSOC found that the Village Tavern was inspected by the health department on Sept. 21 and scored an 87. The restaurant was inspected again on Oct. 10 and received a 92.5

This is the 14th case of hepatitis A reported in the county since June, when a Hardee’s employee in west Charlotte was diagnosed with the virus.