Phil Berger wins the North Carolina State Senate race

Phil Berger

Phil Berger beat Jennifer Mangrum and R. Michael Jordan to win the North Carolina State Senate race.

Berger won with 42,712 votes, compared to Mangrum’s 23,196 and Jordan’s 2,158, or about 62 percent to 9 percent to 1 percent.

Berger previously told FOX8 that he is proud of the record of legislation he’s led as president pro tempore of the Senate over the last several years.

“We want to do, from the standpoint of public policy, is continue the course that we’ve been on because it has proven to be a very successful recipe for reviving North Carolina’s economy overall: lower taxes, a light touch as far as regulation is concerned, make sure that we’re looking at the adequate funding that’s needed for the schools. Making sure that our community colleges and universities are top-notch,” Berger said.

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