Judge orders release of video showing teen girl’s arrest outside Hanes Magnet Middle School

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – A Forsyth County judge has ordered the release of body-camera footage involving a 14-year-old student being arrested outside Hanes Magnet Middle School.

Judge Anderson Cromer ordered on Tuesday that an hour-plus portion of body-camera footage that Officer Timothy McCormick recorded be released.

Witness video posted to Facebook shows the student being held to the ground in the school’s parking lot with her hands held behind her back.

The student had permission from her teacher to leave class and call her mother when she encountered Officer McCormick in the hallway on Oct. 5, according to the Minister's Conference of Winston-Salem and Vicinity.

The department previously said the officer was responding to a report of disorderly conduct.

A witness who lives near the school said he saw the student leave the building, followed by the officer and several other adults.

He began filming when he saw the student pulled to the ground by the officer.

The Minister's Conference said the officer involved should lose his job and have called on the department to do more sensitivity and de-escalation training.