Ohio boy taken to hospital after trick-or-treating, tests positive for meth

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GALION, Ohio — It was a normal day of trick-or-treating until a 5-year-old boy had a seizure, WBNS reports.

Braylen Carwell said he also couldn’t move his fingers or his arm.

Carwell’s parents initially believed his sudden sickness came from the candy.

The boy, however, told them that he hadn’t even begun eating the candy yet.

The only thing he had done was put in the plastic vampire teeth he got while trick-or-treating.

Doctors later tested his urine and his results came up positive for methamphetamine.

“It’s your duty to protect your children from everything,” said his mother Julia Pence. “You can’t protect them from everything. You just have to be aware and do the best that you can.”

The candy was sent to a crime lab for further testing.

The mother told WBNS that she and the boy’s dad are recovering from drug addiction, but Pence added that they’re both clean and that she’s been clean for over three years.

Pence said that, aside from the Halloween goodies, there’s no way the boy could have come in contact with the drugs.

“I’m not covering up the truth,” she told WBNS. “I’m just speaking the truth of what happened to my son, yesterday. Nobody in my family or [Braylen’s] dad’s family would drug my children.”

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