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Keep your candy and keep your teeth: Triad dentist offers candy tips for this Halloween

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Halloween is upon us and that means candy.

Whether your kids are bringing it home after trick-or-treating or you just couldn't help yourself when you see the post-Halloween sales, there's a good chance some candy will find its way to your home.

Daniel MacDonald of Triad Cosmetic Dentistry in Archdale, N.C. joined us on FOX8 to discuss how to keep the candy and keep your teeth.

MacDonald said that, while all candies have the potential to be bad for your teeth, it really depends on how you eat it.

One tip: don't graze on candy for an extended period of time.

Instead eat the candy you're going to eat and move on. That way the sugar doesn't end up just continually pouring onto your teeth.

Learn more by watching our talk with Daniel MacDonald.

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