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Police urge pedestrians to be safe after several deadly crashes in the last few weeks

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Police are urging pedestrians to watch where they walk after several deadly auto-pedestrian crashes in the last few weeks.

Greensboro police say so far this year they have responded to 153 calls involving walkers being hit by cars. Six of those ended up being fatal.

This month alone, there were two people crossing traffic on US 29 who were hit and killed by a car.

Norman Hester lives off US 29 and says it's not uncommon to see people walking in the road.

"Walking up the side of the road, you know running across the street and it’s just a (bad) situation waiting to happen," said Hester.

Some people in the neighborhood say it's because their transportation options are limited.

"They do walk on the road, but sometimes it's not their fault because they don't have the opportunity to get a car or pass through a bridge or bus," said Anthony Noye, a Greensboro resident.

It's a risk that police say is not worth your life.

"Don't try to run across the road and think you're going to make it in front of a car. Go to the crosswalk. Cross when you're allowed to," said Officer A.D. Reed, with the Greensboro Police Department.

Police recommend wearing reflective clothing, staying on sidewalks, and are reminding everyone that it's the law to walk facing traffic.

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