Greensboro firefighters taking steps to improve response time

GREENSBORO, N.C. – When you dial 911, you’re expecting help ASAP. However, “as soon as possible” depends on how fast emergency crews can get out the door.

Right now, Greensboro firefighters are excited about a new solution to the one thing that may have been slowing them down – doors that don’t open quickly enough for trucks to get out.

Fire department leaders say at some stations, it can take 30 to 35 seconds for doors to open.

That’s a big part of why there is a lot of excitement surrounding Fire Station 63. It’s the city’s newest station located on Burlington Road.

“This will be our 26th fire station in Greensboro and this is the first station that we've got with bi-fold doors,” assistant chief Dwayne Church said.

The bi-fold doors open in about four to five seconds.

“If we can improve our response times by 20 to 30 seconds, that is a tremendous amount of time getting to a fire scene or getting to someone who needs medical attention,” fire chief Bobby Nugent said.

Nugent says the department is looking at refitting some of the older stations with a different kind of high speed doors.

Fire Station 63 is expected to open by the end of November and will serve around 4,500 people.

The station is a $4.6 million project. Once completed, it will be the last Greensboro fire station built from the 2006 bond money.

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