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Local politicians react to suspicious packages sent to Obama, Clinton, CNN

After a number of suspicious packages were sent to some of the most well known Democratic Party members, Democratic Party offices across the state of North Carolina were told to be on alert as a precaution.

No explosive threats have been received locally, but some people worry this could impact our elections.

“Early voting totals that I'm seeing here in North Carolina are way up, like record levels, so I think there's a lot of voter enthusiasm,” N.C. House District 61 candidate Pricey Harrison said.

Harrisons said the news about the suspicious packages is troubling.

Both she and Ryan Watts, the Democratic candidate for the state's sixth congressional district, believe that what happened is a result of the hatred they say is being spread across our country.

“When there is so much hatred and divisiveness out there, this is the type of thing that can happen,” Watts said.

Watts says his office has received multiple threats before but nothing substantial.

Peter Boykin, the Republican candidate N.C. House District 58, said threats also impact his party. He's received death threats before.

Right now, Boykin hopes people don't make any assumptions about who is responsible for the packages being sent.

“There's a lot of conspiracies on both sides,” Boykin said. “I'm sure that the right is going to have a conspiracy that Soros is doing it. The left is going to have a conspiracy that it's a Trump supporter doing it. Everyone is throwing around conspiracies but let's let the cops, police, FBI do their job. It's probably just going to be some crazy person who does not like elections.”

Representative Virginia Foxx (R) sent FOX8 the statement below:

“My office and I are closely monitoring the situation. After the shooting of Rep. Scalise last year, all Congressional offices strengthened security measures, and a high level of awareness is maintained at all times, including today.”

A campaign manager for DD Adams, the candidate running against Foxx for the states 5th congressional district, told us her team was shocked by the news. Adams had a suspicious package scare at her home last week. Police later determined the package was safe.

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