High speed chase in Thomasville weaves through yards

THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- Thomasville police say a chase topped out at speeds of more than 100 mph. At some points the chase left the road and went into lawns, some with children playing outside.

Tire tracks, skid marks and car parts litter yards on Kennedy Road.

“Parts of an oil filter, an oil pan, parts of a radiator, things like that,” Clay Fowler said. His yard was damaged.

Thomasville police say an officer tried to pull a driver over at the 7-Eleven on Randolph Street for a traffic violation. The driver took off, leading officers on a chase for four miles, weaving in and out of yards.

“I was sitting in my office, and I have a window that faces the road here, and I heard the sirens, and I saw a car just fly by -- the fastest I’ve ever seen a car go by Kennedy Road here,” said Mark Parker, who lives on Kennedy Road.

The high-speed chase damaged property and the suspect's car, which slowed him down. Officers were finally able to stop the car after about 10 minutes using stop sticks. It came to an end in Ann Day's front yard.

“Well it could have been unnerving, especially with it happening so close to here, particularly if that man was in trouble,” Day said.

She said she saw officers trying to arrest the suspect.

“The guy was trying to get away, but one of the officers had his hand on his shoulder and he walked him down and put him in a patrol car,” she said.

Thankfully no one was hurt, but neighbors say it was a close call.

“Middle of the afternoon, 3:30, kids playing out in the yard,” Fowler said.

Police say the suspect gave a fake name, so they are still trying to verify his identity. He is facing felony fleeing and eluding charges, and more charges could be pending. A woman was also in the car with him. She could also be facing charges.

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