Front doors of Winston-Salem church smashed in latest act of vandalism

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Less than 24 hours after their Sunday services, members of St. Philips Moravian Church in Winston-Salem returned to find the church’s front doors smashed.

“It’s just sad that somebody chooses to vandalize our church,” said Becky Davis, who has been a member since she was in the third grade.

At first glance, people living nearby thought the doors had been damaged by bullets. However, the doors are plexiglass, and police say they appeared to be damaged by a blunt object.

“My heart just sunk, you know? It just sunk,” Davis said, of when she first saw the damage.

The doors have since been replaced. However, this isn’t the first time the church has been targeted.

Church administrators say there was a different glass breaking about three weeks ago. Also, in February, police say a man broke into the church, damaging a window, three doors and a lock. The thief got away with cash and checks but was later arrested.

“How do these young folks say? You’re on God’s turf now,” Davis said. “You don’t mess with his house.”

Neighbors say an act such as the latest vandalism deserves street justice. But, Davis says retribution will come by the hands of a higher power.

“What goes around comes around and it’s coming. So, vengeance is mine said the Lord,” she said. “He’ll get his. They’ll get theirs.”

Police have not made any arrests in the latest vandalism. ​

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