Guilford County school bus driver out of the job after video showed her slapping student

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Guilford County Schools confirmed a bus driver is no long employed by the school system after a video surfaced of her slapping a student.

The incident happened Thursday aboard the bus, which was carrying Ferndale Middle School students.

The driver was initially suspended while an investigation takes place, the school district said.

“We have seen the video and are very disturbed by what we have seen. We are taking immediate personnel action and have reported the incident to law enforcement," Chief of Staff Nora Carr said Friday.

High Point police said the woman could face assault charges.

The mother of the child who was slapped told FOX8 she is not angry with the driver. She said everyone has a breaking point; the driver must have reached hers on Thursday.

Rachel Eitzen, a representative with a local bus driver union, said people should consider the driver's position before judging her actions. Driving a bus is not easy. The person behind the wheel has to worry about traffic, making safe stops and maintaining order.

“There is bullying that takes place,” Eitzen said. “There are students that have behavioral problems. There's disrespect.”

Guilford County Schools said the bus did have cameras, but they were not working at the time of the incident.

The system said the bus driver has been picking up and dropping off students for 18 years.

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