Demi is looking for a forever family

Ten-year-old Demi has her focus set on becoming a superstar singer when she grows up. She has a passion for the bright lights and performing but would love to have a family of her own cheering her on along the way.

Demi loves school, art and has a knack for baking. She takes he role seriously as a big sister to her younger brother Ethan. They enjoy playing outside together discussing their favorite superheroes.

“They have been in foster care for a couple of years ,so I think it is time for them to finally settle and feel that they are home,” said Christy Furr, child advocate for the pair.

Ultimately it would be a dream come true for the lively pair to be adopted together in a home with a family willing to give them the love they deserve.

If you or someone you know is interested in adoption, please contact