Woman warns others after purses snatched at High Point businesses

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Two women say they were robbed of their purses just two hours apart in High Point.

Both of the robberies happened on Wednesday afternoon. One was at the Aldi on North Main Street and the other was at the Walmart on South Main Street. One of the victims decided to speak out, hoping that her story could save someone else.

The woman didn’t want us to name or identify her. She told us she took a late lunch break that day, when a man came up to her car in the Aldi parking lot.

"He reached into my car. My sandwich went all over my car and he took my purse with everything. My cellphone, it had everything of my life in there,” the woman said.

She said the man then hopped into a truck and took off. She immediately called police, feeling very shaken and in a state of disbelief.

"I am so devastated. I feel so violated. I had a panic attack," she said.

The woman says it’s been a struggle trying to recover all of her stolen items.

Police reports show that not too long after this incident, another woman was robbed of her purse at the Walmart parking lot.

High Point police say there’s no indication that the two cases are connected, but they’re investigating both.

People in the community aren’t shocked by what happened.

"All of the stuff that’s going on in High Point, I'm not even surprised at all... with the robberies and crimes. I'm not surprised at all,” said Latoya Gladney, a High Point resident.

The woman who was a victim of the Aldi parking lot crime said she wanted other women to keep their eyes open.

"I want every woman out there to be aware of their surroundings and be very careful because they'll come again. They'll do it again," she said.

High Point police said they’ve created a social media series on shopper/buyer safety that will be released soon. It will consist of tips to keep people safe while shopping as the holidays approach.

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