Baby Trump blimp to fly over Wilmington for voting rally

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WILMINGTON, N.C. -- The Baby Trump blimp is in North Carolina and soon to fly over Wilmington, according to the Wilmington Star News.

Women Organizing for Wilmington has already received the balloon and plans to float it over their Pearls to the Polls Rally at Greenfield Lake Amphitheater on Oct. 27.

The 20-foot-tall balloon made headlines when it flew over London on July 13, a protest to Trump's visit to England. The blimp sparked a mixed outpouring of anger and support from Americans.

The balloon depicts President Donald Trump as a huge orange baby wearing a diaper with a smartphone in hand.

WoW brought in the balloon in hopes of encouraging more women to vote.

WoW President Lynn Shoemaker explained the group's goal, telling the Wilmington Star News, “If a Baby Trump blimp reminds voters that every vote is needed in this mid-term, and if we help increase voter turnout for especially women, and if we elect more women to office, then WoW will have succeeded in our goals.”

Shoemaker said she does not know if the balloon is the original or a replica but expects it to be an "attention-getter."

The Wilmington Baby Trump blimp will be one of five balloons of its kind to fly in the U.S. that day.

Women Organizing for Wilmington also plan to sell miniature Baby Trumps for $10 each to help cover the cost of shopping the balloon across the pond.

The cost to inflate the balloon alone cost the group $1,000, according to Shoemaker.

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