Wendy’s worker fired after North Carolina man called ‘Chubby’ on receipt

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GASTON COUNTY, N.C. — A Wendy’s worker was fired after a North Carolina man said he was hurt and embarrassed when his name was noted as “Chubby” on his order receipt, WSOC reports.

According to WSOC, the Carolina Restaurant Group issued a statement Tuesday announcing that the company apologized to Gastonia customer Jimmy Shue and terminated the employee responsible.

Jimmy Shue went to the Wendy’s on East Franklin Boulevard in Gastonia to order food for himself and his fiancée on Oct. 4, WCNC reports.

Shue said he walked up to the counter, ordered two sandwiches and the cashier asked for his name.

He told WCNC he gave the cashier his name “clear as day,” but when he looked at his receipt while waiting for the order he saw it said “Chubby.”

Shue said he was going to let it go, but then another employee called out “Chubby” with his order ready.

“He was hesitant to even say ‘Chubby’ but he did and I told him, ‘That’s not my name but that’s my order,’ and I grabbed the order and started to walk out because I was mad,” Shue told WCNC. “Everybody started laughing in the restaurant and I got really embarrassed.”

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