Piedmont woman warns others after EBT card information is stolen

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A woman in the Piedmont already struggling to make ends meet is concerned about being able to support her family after her EBT card was compromised.

Angel Cooper went to use her card Tuesday afternoon when she learned her account was drained at a Walmart across the country.

"The question I asked them is how is this possible. I have the card in my possession. I'm in Greensboro, North Carolina, and this happened in Stockton, California," Cooper said.

Cooper had $202.50 wiped clean from her account.

A single mother to four daughters, her family depends on that money every month.

"I'm on a fixed income for one and I barely get any income and what I do have I need to sustain us," Cooper said.

Money that pays for food and medication is now gone with no guarantee she'll ever get it back.

"It hurt me, it hurt me that somebody would actually do that and just take like that," said Cooper.

Cooper said she filed a police report in Greensboro and has been in contact with the Walmart in California where her card information was used.

We did reach out to the North Carolina EBT office and have not heard back.

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