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Churchland Elementary in Lexington exceeds state expectations on expected growth

LEXINGTON, N.C. – When Churchland Elementary school got word last year that the school did not make expected growth according to the state, teachers and administrators were disappointed but determined.

Principal Casey Milstead said, "It was sort of a let down and we had to bolster our spirits, come together as a family and say... we can do this!"

And they did. They adopted what's called a "growth mindset" based on a popular book by Carol Dweck and they went to work.

For teachers like Misty Priddy, energy was the key.

"You have to bring the energy into the room. And so, If I come in and I'm low energy, they're going to be low energy," she said. "But if I'm going to come in high energy, they're going to match that. They're going to think, ‘wow she thinks this is exciting, so I should too!’"

The school came together along with the community's backing and they worked hard involving students and parents every step of the way. It paid off. Churchland not only met expected growth, the school exceeded it.

Milstead said it was the teamwork that made the difference.

"It is definitely a village. And a family. We are Churchland Strong," she said.