Looter in Hurricane Michael-ravaged Florida shot, killed after trying to steal law enforcement vehicle: report

PANAMA CITY, Fla. – A man allegedly trying to steal a law enforcement vehicle was shot and killed in Florida amid destruction from Hurricane Michael.

It happened Thursday night in Panama City shortly after Michael made landfall as a Category 4 storm, according to Fox News, citing WEAR.

Landon Swett told the TV station he saw the man approach the vehicle from across the street.

"He yelled at me a little bit and said, 'Oh, I'm looting.' And he opened the door to the police officer's SUV with the lights going. Got in it, shut the door," said Swett, who added that he gathered his family and turned to go inside his house.

"As I’m crossing the doorway, I look back, I saw the officer at the passenger side, I don’t believe the door was open yet," Sweet said. "Then I got about three more feet inside, and I heard the shot."

As of Sunday, more than 435,000 customers are still without power in seven states from Florida to Virginia. The death toll remains at 18 but authorities say it could continue climbing.