Neighbors rescue baby after tree falls on North Carolina home

(WLOS staff)

CANDLER, N.C. — A large tree toppled over Thursday, ripping through a Buncombe County mobile home, landing within inches of a sleeping baby, WLOS reports.

The daughter of Greg Bland, owner of the mobile home off Smokey Park Highway in Candler, was inside, watching a movie on one side of the mobile home, her baby taking a nap on the other in a bedroom.

“The tree broke, because the base of the tree was rotted, rotted internally, and just snapped like a matchstick, landed on the house, barely missed our granddaughter,” Bland told WLOS.

According to Bland, the tree landed about 18 inches away from the baby.

Before the dust even settled, Bland said, his neighbors sprang into action.

“Clamored up on the tree, got in there, removed some debris, and got her out unscathed,” Bland said. “But, the simple truth is it could’ve been a lot worse than that.”

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