Kernersville residents deal with flooding and damage from Tropical Storm Michael

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. – The water is gone, but the headaches from Tropical Storm Michael are not.

“This was a river. I wouldn’t even walk out there it was flooding so bad,” Amy Megginson said.

The Megginson family is trying to figure out how to get their car back. It was towed after Allen Megginson got trapped inside his car on High Point Road, feet away from his house.

“I was going to the store and when I came home the creek across the street here had started to flood, and there was probably around a foot and a half or two feet of water in the road here,” Allen Megginson said.

The Winston-Salem Swift Water Rescue team got him out, along with other people who got stuck in their cars.

“It happened very fast. I think the water wasn’t scaring me as much as the wind blowing was. The wind was going fast so you could hear trees cracking and stuff, so people in the cars were getting kind of nervous,” Megginson said.

He says he had to walk four miles in order to make it back home.

Across the street, their neighbors could not pull into their driveway after it was washed away.

“I was actually in the middle of teaching a class on Hurricane Maria to my third graders, and then I got a text from my neighbors that my house was flooding. So, it was a real-life adventure,” Vickie Miller said.

Miller says this is not the first time the creek in front of her house has flooded, but it was the worst she’s seen. It also caused the most damage. On top of the debris and erosion, the culvert in her front yard cracked.

“If you can see the depth of the creek up, then add another two-and-a-half feet to that, that’s a tremendous amount of water being funneled through that,” she said.

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