Organization helps local baby boomers find jobs

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These internships are for a different kind of senior – not the ones in high school or college, but ones with life experience.

Baby boomers are getting help transitioning into new careers. NCBA is an organization that partners with companies to find jobs for people 55 and older.

The program has helped seniors regain a sense of confidence as some believe being “seasoned” has worked against them.

Ruby Carlson remembers the frustration she felt after being turned down for multiple jobs. She also remembers hearing a possible reason for why she was being rejected.

“A friend of mine happened to mention to me, ‘I hate to tell you, but it's your age,’ and I just couldn't accept that,” Carlson said.

Sheila Anderson thinks age could be why she’s having a difficult time landing a job.

“When they see my resume, some of them will say, ‘well at this time we don't have a position, you're qualified for this and that, but you're over qualified for this,’ but I just need a job,” Anderson said.

Both women have received help from NCBA.

Anderson is currently in a program that helps her develop her computer skills. She hopes this will be one way to increase her chance of employment.

NCBA helped Carlson receive an internship at Goodwill’s Alamance-Burlington Career Center. That opportunity helped her learn a new set of skills.

“I would say for the past year we've been doing the actual internships where we're bringing folks in, they're working right alongside of us day to day and gaining those skills that they're maybe lacking or need to brush up on,” said Jason Norris, career center coordinator.

Carlson now has a full-time job as an assistant coordinator at Goodwill in Greensboro.

“This is why I love working for them,” she said. “They understood that it doesn't matter how old you are. You don't lose your knowledge, skills, and ability after a certain age.”

NCBA serves people in counties across North Carolina including Alamance, Guilford, Randolph and Rockingham counties.

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