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Neighbors concerned about speeding on Hobbs Road

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Neighbors are committed to finding solutions to help slow down drivers on Hobbs Road. A couple living in the neighborhood said they put up their own signs warning drivers and purchased a speed gun to monitor cars.

“Everyone that I’ve talked to has said they would love to see something done about it,” Julie Schroeder said.

Julie and her husband say they have reached out to the City of Greensboro and the police department out of safety concerns for themselves and their neighbors.

“Our driveway is on a blind corner, so backing out and several times my wife, myself, and guests have almost been hit,” Pete Schroeder said. “And they come over the hill so quickly and come up on you so quickly because they’re speeding that you don’t have time to react.”

The Schroeders and their several of their neighbors are also drivers for Greensboro's Pace Car Program. Drivers for the program have a sticker on their car, and drive the speed limit through the neighborhood.

"Sometimes we have people flip us off, sometimes we get passed, sometimes people actually back off,” Julie said.

Greensboro police say they've issued 26 speeding tickets on the 3900 block of Hobbs Road in the last two years, but say they don't consider the road to be a problem area.

A spokesperson for the department said they do receive complaints about the road and patrol the area frequently.

Neighbors are encouraging more people to sign up to become Pace Car drivers for the city. A spokesperson for the city said 127 people have signed up since the program was started more than a year ago.

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