‘Explosively breeding’ frogs are falling on people from above in North Carolina

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Eastern Spadefoot toad (Getty Images)

An explosion in the frog and toad population has some people saying frogs are literally falling on them from above, the Charlotte Observer reports.

State biologist Jeff Hall told the newspaper the population boom is due to two factors: tadpoles born during the heavy rains in June and July; and a boom of “explosively breeding” toads — Eastern Spadefoot toads — that had a perfect breeding habitat in the puddles left by Hurricane Florence.

“All these frogs are in search of dry ground, which is why they’re showing up in places they don’t normally go,” Hall told the Observer. “I’ve heard of people stepping outside and frogs falling on their shoulder, freaking them out.”

Feelings are mixed about the frogs, with some telling the Outer Banks Voice they “love” the frogs and others expressing frustration.

“[They’re] everywhere they showed up after the 15 inches of rain,” one Manteo resident told the Outer Banks Voice. “They’re all over my windows and hot tub. I had one jump on my face laying in bed. And I had another in the kitchen on the cutting board. [They’re] everywhere!”

Hall said he expects North Carolina residents in coastal areas will continue seeing frogs and toads all over until the flood waters recede.

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