FOX8’s Shannon Smith spent a week at Walt Disney World – here are her stories

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Walt Disney World added a huge new attraction this summer at Hollywood Studios called Toy Story Land. It has two new rides, a walk-up restaurant called Woody’s Lunch Box and live entertainment with the green army men.

Shannon Smith got a tour from Disney’s Imagineers.

Visitors love Disney’s new Toy Story Land for more than just the rides and attractions. It’s become a destination for Foodies. The walk up restaurant is called Woody’s Lunch Box.

The chef at Hollywood Studios gave Shannon Smith a taste of the most popular orders.

Disney World goes all out for the holidays. They started celebrating Halloween in August. Several nights a week they have a special Halloween party. Disney is the happiest place on earth so on Halloween, they host a not-so-scary event.

Shannon Smith found more treats than trucks.

The holidays are one of the most popular times of the year to visit Disney World. Guests love all the decorations. Disney puts up dozens of trees, some over 70 feet tall. It takes four warehouses to hold all the decorations.

Shannon Smith got a behind-the-scenes tour.

Disney announced new ticket prices late last month. Now guests will pay more for a single-day ticket when the park is expected to be more crowded.

Disney experts say they expect another increase in prices this February.

Shannon Smith talked with a man who did his thesis at NC A&T University on avoiding lines at Disney. He also has written numerous books on visiting the parks. He gave advice on how to make the most of your Disney experiences.

What makes kids happy at Disney World? Is it the rides, the parades or Mickey himself?

A local university wanted to know what makes young kids happy at Disney. Elon University studied that and the results may surprise you.

Shannon Smith says it may make parents happy to know they won’t have to wait in so many lines.

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