Greensboro making upgrades to busy intersection after numerous complaints about crashes

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The city of Greensboro is making upgrades to a busy intersection in the downtown area.

Several people in the area have complained about car wrecks at the intersection of West Friendly Avenue and North Spring Street.

Zaira Carranza works in the area and she started to keep a record of the number of crashes each year. The squealing noises from an abrupt stop or the sound of the crash is concerning.

“I hear tires squealing, people honking their horns, and I always brace myself because I imagine that something is going to happen...because it happens every single day,” said Carranza.

FOX8 looked into the issue and Greensboro police sent records that show an increase between 2015 through 2017.

Crashes at Friendly Avenue and Spring Street:

  • 2015: 4
  • 2016: 14
  • 2017: 23
  • 2018: 11
  • Total: 52

Brian Fitzgerald works in the same building as Carranza and wants to see a solution to the problem. He thinks speed and the lack of visibility from the hill on North Spring Street are to blame.

Friday afternoon workers with the city’s transportation department upgraded some of the traffic signals at that intersection so drivers can clearly see the lights change.

The city is looking into the issue and plans to come up with viable solutions.

However, the director of the transportation department, Adam Fisher, believes the various causes of the crashes stems from a lack of drivers’ responsibility.

“If we're going to reduce serious accidents at intersections, it's going to take some bolder initiatives such as bringing back a red-light camera program to make these intersections more safe,” said Fisher.

The City of Greensboro has implemented a new initiative called “Vision Zero” to encourage drivers to take a pledge to drive hands-free of devices, slow down and wear seat-belts.

For more information on this initiative, click here.

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