Gas station owner: Don’t warm urine in my microwave

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The BP gas station on the corner of Phillips Highway and Shad Road in Jacksonville, Fla. (Google Maps)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A gas station in Florida is warning people to stop using its microwave to warm their urine.

First Coast News reported that the management at a BP station in Jacksonville is tired of dealing with the problem.

The people who come in to microwave their urine are not even customers, according to Parul Patel, owner of On the Fly convenience store and BP gas station.

“They walk in off the street, microwave urine containers then leave,” Patel said.

The gas station is near at least one company that reportedly collects urine samples for drug testing.

Patel said they have tried to stop people from walking in and microwaving their urine, but they become aggressive.

That’s when she said she decided to put a sign on their microwave telling people not to microwave their urine.

“We got sick and tired of people bringing their urine containers,” Patel said. “They’re just random people walking and it’s happening every day.”

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