FDA approves new drug to treat migraines and it’s not a pill, it’s injected once a month

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. – A new option is available for migraine patients. In May, the FDA approved Aimovig - a migraine prevention drug for adults.

It’s an exciting time for patients and doctors.

“Nothing else has been designed specifically as a preventative for migraine,” Dr. Christine Hagan said.

Hagan is the lead clinician at Novant Health’s Headache Clinic in Kernersville and estimates that 60 to 80 percent of the clinic’s patients have received a prescription for Aimovig.

Rachel Cervone, 25, is one of them.

“My migraines got worse when I was about 21 or 22 years old when I fell off a horse and hit my head and got a concussion,” she said.

Cervone went through cycles of trying to find an option that worked.

“I've tried like five or six medications now. It will help at first and I'll have a few good months of it working and then it will just kind of tinker off,” she said.

Cervone is hoping this new drug will give her a sense of relief. Instead of taking a pill, Aimovig is injected once a month.

Hagan says it can take up to four months to work. The current data is showing positive results.

“The results would be similar to what we've seen in the clinical trials,” Hagan said.

“About 25 percent of people got a robust response to Aimovig. About a third of people got no benefit and so the rest of the people fell somewhere else in between.”

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