Breast Cancer: Finding Support

Deb Pomeroy was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in March 2016 after a scan found a tumor in her right hip. The cancer had begun in her breast but had spread to her hip before it was discovered. Following a combination of treatment methods, Deb is now a volunteer with the Patient and Family Advisory Council and a mentor with the Alight Program.

During her treatment, her oncologist Dr. Magrinat was a big source of encouragement and support. He encouraged her to take advantage of the resources Cone Health offers to the community, including counselors, classes and support groups. When she mentioned a hiking program UNCG offers for cancer survivors, he joined the group on a hike to make sure it would be a good fit and so he could recommend them to other patients! The support she’s found through attending classes and participating in support groups has helped her learn to not only live but thrive with cancer.

Support is a vital part of most cancer journeys and there are so many opportunities to connect with other patients or survivors in the Triad. Cone Health support groups are open to all members of the community, even if you didn’t receive treatment at Cone Health.

Spokesperson Background:

Deb Pomeroy is a breast cancer survivor. She received her treatment at Cone Health Cancer Center.

Skip Hislop serves as vice president of oncology at Cone Health. Hislop, who assumed this role in November 2011, has senior administrative responsibility for all six campuses of the Cone Health Cancer Center. Hislop joined Cone Health in January 2011 as director of medical oncology, and was interim vice president from May until November 2011, when he was named vice president of oncology. He earned a Master’s of Science degree in business management and a bachelor’s degree in health services management from the State University of New York, Utica/Rome.

Hislop currently serves on the boards of the Alight Foundation and Randolph Cancer Center, and is the chair of the Mission Committee for the American Cancer Society of the Triad. He is also a member of the Association of Community Cancer Centers and The Health Management Academy Oncology division.

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