2 men arrested after surveillance shows string of tire slashings in Thomasville

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Andrew Dwight Rogers and Phillip Ross Tysinger

THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- Two men face charges for allegedly slashing the tires of more than a dozen cars after surveillance footage showed the crimes.

Phillip Ross Tysinger, 35, of Thomasville, and Andrew Dwight Rogers, 31, of Lexington, face 17 counts of injury to personal property each.

Investigation began after neighbors in Thomasville woke up to their tires slashed in front of their homes.

Police report the slashings took place Saturday.

Tysinger received a $3,500 secured bond and Rogers was issued a written promise to appear in court.

Thomasville police said the suspects went into neighborhoods, stores and homes, slashing tires along the way and racking up quite the cost for their victims.

"Saturday morning about 9 o'clock. I walked out to my car because there was some stuff that I left in it and I was like, 'Oh my God, my tire is flat.' I thought I ran over a nail. And I get looking at it even closer and I realize my tires have been slashed," Holly Cardwell said.

Cardwell lives on Colonial Drive. She said she parked her car along the street. When she started looking around, she said she noticed her neighbor's car was also hit.

"They got the passenger side on their car. So it's like they were just going through stabbing cars," Cardwell said.

Police say the two suspects stopped in three other locations going up Randolph Street.

"At my house my uncle actually called me. He went over to eat at Laughlin's and he said, 'Brittany someone has slashed your tires, what on earth did you do,'" Brittany Lynn East said.

She was on her way to get her tires fixed afterwards, when she pulled into her family's business, Cox Cars.

"We noticed that there were tires slashed on that car right here, and then he started looking and noticed the other 12 had been slashed as well," she said.

Those crimes were caught on video. Surveillance shows two men walking down the line of cars, quickly ducking behind one before moving to the next. The two continued up the road where multiple other businesses caught them on camera as well.

"That's what I don't understand. You know that there are stores around and you know they're going to get video. You're going to get caught," Cardwell said.

In total the crimes caused around $2,000 in damage.

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