North Carolina business owner says massive US flag isn’t coming down after controversy

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IREDELL COUNTY, N.C. – The CEO of Camping World says the massive, 40-by-80 foot American flag over the Statesville business isn’t coming down, even though it violates a city ordinance.

The Statesville Record & Landmark reported that the city council voted 5-3 on Monday to keep an ordinance limiting flag sizes to 25-by-40 feet.

Afterward, Marcus Lemonis, CEO of the Illinois-based company, said the flag isn’t coming down.

“It’s my property, my business and my flag,” Lemonis told the paper on Tuesday. “Why is the city council so adamant about the size of my flag?”

City planning staff in the past has told council members that the city can limit flag size, but not the kind of flag. If the city allows massive American flags, it could open the door for massive flags that could be considered offensive.

Lemonis told the paper he doesn’t understand how the flag hurts Statesville. Without having that justification, he said he’ll refuse to abide by the opinion of five people on an eight-person council.

Lemonis said he’d consider coming to Statesville if city council agreed to reconsider allowing the larger flag.

“I just want to pay my taxes and run my business,” he said.

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