Some fairgoers concerned about fake Dixie Classic Fair tickets

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Winston-Salem police have been notified of an alleged ticket scam linked to the Dixie Class Fair.

People have been calling and messaging the FOX8 newsroom about losing money after buying fake tickets.

“We know of one incident where someone used a voucher to get into the fair and they were denied entry because the voucher that they had used had already been scanned," fair spokesperson Siobhan Olson said.

Carla Roberts called FOX8, saying she lost $40 after buying two tickets to the fair she found for sale on Facebook. She said her friend bought one too and got turned away at the gate.

“She said, 'I got those same tickets,' and they said, 'No they have already been used.' So I said, 'Well it does me no justice to go up there and look like a fool,'” Roberts said.

Monday afternoon, Roberts shared her story with Winston-Salem police.

FOX8 called the person Roberts and her friend claim sold them the fake tickets. She said she sold around 25 of the tickets, but she believed the tickets were real, and she sent a screenshot of a receipt for 20 fair tickets

Police and a fair spokesperson say without a report, they can't take actions in these situations.

“That is the only way that we are going to be able to crack down on who is selling these fraudulent tickets," Olson said.

Officers are stationed at different areas around the fair and can help you file a report.

“If someone comes with a fraudulent ticket, our department is tracking it and we are sending it right to the Winston-Salem Police Department so they can take care of it,” the fair spokesperson said.

Fair representatives and Winston-Salem police both emphasize anyone interested in buying a ticket should buy it directly.

“I mean, I could have gone to Ticketmaster, I probably saved $10. And I know that cheap isn’t always good,” Roberts said.

For those who are looking for a less expensive way into the fair, adults 65 and older can get into free every day, children under 5 can also get in for free every day. On Wednesday admission is free with the donation of five canned goods or non-perishable items. There are also coupons you can find on the Dixie Classic App that will pop up as you walk around.

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