Flag torn up by Hurricane Florence on Facebook Live sold for more than $10,000, to be replaced

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ATLANTIC OCEAN — The famous flag flown from Frying Pan Tower barely survived Hurricane Florence.

Now, the flag has been sold at auction more than $10,000 and a new flag will take its place.

Frying Pan Tower¬†held a charity auction where those interested could bid on “Kevin,” the American flag that flew above the former U.S. Coast Guard Light Station during the storm, battered and torn by the fierce winds.

The flag went to the highest bidder for $10,900 after close to 100 bidders contended for it, according to the Frying Pan Town Facebook page.

One hundred percent of the auction’s proceeds will go directly toward Hurricane Florence relief through the American Red Cross. The auction ended Sunday, September 30 at 10 p.m.

The flag is set to be replaced by another American flag that was flown over the nation’s capital.

“Honored doesn’t even begin to express my emotions! I will post and share when it is hoisted up the Frying Pan Tower’s flagpole for a day of honor,” Richard Neal said in an update on the Facebook page. “Just wow.”

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