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Elementary school in Greensboro broken into for the second time in a week

GREENSBORO, N.C. – A local elementary school was broken into for the second time in just one week.

Greensboro Police said someone broke into Pilot Elementary School at 4701 Chimney Springs Drive just after 4 p.m. Saturday.

The suspect or suspects smashed a window. The windows were broken at the same school just last week.

“All of our schools have a security alarm so if there is broken glass or a breached door than that sends a message to our Sentry Watch which notifies the appropriate law enforcement agency,” Guilford County Schools Chief Operating Officer Scott McCully said.

The school does not have cameras according to McCully. He said they have asked police for additional patrols in the area to help monitor the school.

“We’re going to take every step that we have in the past and make sure doors are locked each and every night and just do what we can do to make sure our facilities are absolutely secure at all times,” he said.

McCully said there was no serious structural damage to the building, just broken glass. Parents said they were notified of the break in on Monday afternoon.

The window has since been boarded up. Anyone with any information can call police.