Brain-eating amoeba detected in water system in Louisiana

Naegleria fowleri (Image: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

SHREVEPORT, La. – A portion of a water system in Louisiana has tested positive for a brain-eating amoeba.

KTBS reported that tests by the Louisiana Department and of Health and Hospitals at the Sligo Water System were positive for Naegleria fowleri.

It’s a type of amoeba that can be fatal if it enters a person’s brain. Water system officials found out about the test results Friday.

The positive test came from the valve where the water system takes in supplemental water from Bossier City. Sligo Water System has stopped using supplemental water from Bossier City Wednesday.

Water system officials are notifying people and businesses from 300 Sligo Road at Bayou Drive to the Orchard subdivision, Lucky Estates, Plantation mobile home park and ending at the Sligo store, 1898 Sligo Road.

As a result of this sample, the water system will be performing a 60 day “chlorine burn,” where the residual chlorine will be maintained at somewhat higher levels than normal. The chlorine level required by the Department of Health is safe for consumption.

No other sites tested showed contamination, according to the water system.