Ward Street Community Resources helps community move up in High Point

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- If you ask Louise Barnes, the mission of Ward Street Community Resources in High Point is simple.

“To provide resources to people in this area—not just apply a band aid—but hopefully to become a partner with them to help them move up,” Barnes said.

The non-profit has served the High Point Community since 2004 through a number of services, including a clothing closet, food pantry and community meals.

“Some people cry, some people just keep thanking us and they say ‘I don't know what I would have done if you weren't here,’” Barnes said.

And thanks to the High Point Community Foundation`s $12,000 grant, Ward Street Community Resources is able to offer emergency financial assistance too.

“Rental money is very hard to come by,” Barnes said. “It used to be one out of every 4 or 5 people needed rent. Now it`s almost 40-percent of the calls that we get are people who need help with rent.”

And Barnes believes that money has a ripple effect and helps more than just the families who receive it.

“When you help someone stay in their home, or help them keep their power on, then that is a stable home and that home helps make a more stable community or neighborhood,” Barnes said. “You don`t have as many people moving out and it makes a safer community for all of us in High Point.”

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