Asheboro Urgent Repair Program helps people in need with home repairs

ASHEBORO, N.C. -- Debra Neese has lived in her Asheboro home for almost 30 years.

Like most houses, she experienced some wear and tear that needed to be repaired, but she didn’t have the money to get everything fixed.

“At the time when you don't have no choice, you have to put up with what you got,” she said.

She was able to get assistance through the City of Asheboro’s Urgent Repair Program.

People who qualify can receive a loan of up to $8,000 to cover critical work on their house.

That work can include a roof replacement, electrical work, repairs to windows and doors -- among other issues.

The purpose of the program is to make home repairs that could be an imminent danger to a person’s life or safety.

Although this is a loan program, there’s a chance the money will not have to be paid back.

“The nice thing about this program is it is a loan; however, it is unsecured, it's differed and it's forgivable. For every year that the homeowner stays in the home after we have done the repairs to the home, $1,000 of that loan is forgiven,” said Trevor Nuttall, the community development director for the City of Asheboro.

Neese received a new porch, bathroom floor, rug and had two electrical circuits installed.

Neese is one of seven the city was able to help through the previous cycle of the program.

The plan is to help more people thanks to money from the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency.

“We had funds in the amount $50,000 from the agency to run this program. We're excited this year that we have over $100,000, so we'll be able to make a bigger impact in the community,” Nuttall said.

“I think it's great because there are so many people out there that need it,” Neese said.

The program is only for people who own a home within the city limits.

You must meet certain income and special needs requirements to qualify.

The qualifications are listed on the city’s website with the application.

People can apply through Dec. 28.

Hard copies of the application are available at city hall.

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