Woman says she lost $35,000 stored in freezer after exchanging it at Costco

THORNTON, Colo. – A woman in Colorado said she lost $35,000 stored in a freezer after she exchanged the freezer at Costco.

KMGH reported that Renee Reese has been pressuring Costco since June to help her track down the cash, which she said was her life savings.

Reese said she put the money in the freezer because if her home burned down, the things in the freezer would still be safe.

She said the cash was in a Ziploc bag and wrapped in white paper towels, which blended in with the freezer door.

“The financial strain has devastated me and because I’m so sick I don’t have any way to recover it,” Reese said.

Reese has multiple sclerosis and said it has increasingly destroyed her mobility. That’s why she said she wanted a new refrigerator and freezer combo, so she could more easily access the food inside.

Reese said she filed a report with Thornton police after tearing apart her house in search of the money. She also opened a claim with Costco.

KMGH tracked down the small delivery company that handled the refrigerator exchange at Reese’s home and it said it has not seen Reese’s money.

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