Median to be fixed after Greensboro child nearly hit by wrong-way driver

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – A median parents say is a reason a wrong-way driver almost hit their young son on Wednesday will be fixed in coming days, according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

On Wednesday, Grant Jolliff says he and his son were getting ready to leave their home for soccer practice.

The Jolliffs live on Lindell Road, where the road runs parallel to an off ramp from Wendover Avenue headed to Market Street.

“Cars just [jet] through this whole area,” Jolliff told FOX8.

Aside from the speeding, Jolliff and neighbors say a major issue is wrong-way drivers accidentally turning onto the ramp from Market Street.

Up until earlier this year, there was a fence on the median separating the ramp from Lindell Road, but after a driver hit the fence, he says, the fence was removed.

“They took it down and never put something up in its place,” he said.

When Jolliff and his son were getting ready to leave their home, he heard horns coming from Market Street, which was a sign that someone had turned onto the ramp.

“I see this about to happen and I tell him to back up,” Jolliff said, of his son.

Jolliff says the female driver then realized her mistake and drove over the median to get onto Lindell Road.

“They almost [had] a head-on collision,” Jolliff said, of the woman and another driver on Lindell Road.

Jolliff detailed that the woman then kept driving, went over the curb and into their yard. He says the driver missed his son by a car length.

“My son is still very distraught over it, and why someone would lose control over their car like that,” he said. “He has a really hard time understanding that.”

The Jolliffs reported the incident to Greensboro police.

The NCDOT, which owns the road, tells FOX8 it had not received calls from the public about the issue.

A spokesperson tells says the NCDOT has evaluated the area and will replace the fence in coming days.

If members of the public would like to report a concern to the NCDOT, they say, they are encouraged to go to and their contact us page.

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