North Carolina’s wild horses lean on their instincts to survive Florence

The wild horses at Shackleford Banks "have incredible instincts" when it comes to protecting themselves.

COROLLA, N.C. – The wild horses that live on the Outer Banks used their instincts to survive Hurricane Florence and the damage it caused.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund posted photos of the horses to Facebook showing the animals grazing the area.

“Here on the northern Outer Banks we are breathing a sigh of relief today,” the organization said on Facebook. “As you can see, the horses are doing their normal thing – grazing, socializing, and wondering what us crazy humans are all worked up over.”

The horses were better off staying in their natural habitat than they would have been if humans intervened to whisk them away, said Meg Puckett, herd manager of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, which protects horses roaming in the Currituck area.

“We do everything that we can to protect them, but in situations like this, these horses have incredible instincts,” Puckett said. “They’re so resourceful, and they have an incredibly strong will to live.”

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