Rescued animals in crates fall off transporter in evacuation from NC coast

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — While volunteers evacuated animals to Charlotte from Wilmington, multiple crates containing animals flew off a transport vehicle.

The transporter realized in Maxton that a hawk, pelican and three chickens were missing and presumed to have fallen off the transport in their crates onto the road, WBTV reports.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, who was waiting for receive the birds from an unaffiliated volunteer, announced around 9 p.m. Thursday that the pelican and all chickens were recovered.

The hawk, Achilles, was not yet found as of 9:48 p.m. Thursday.

“We were down to the wire, and were getting desperate to get the remaining animals out,” Carolina Waterfowl Rescue said in a Facebook post. “We had posted on several rescue networks, cajun navy etc asking for help. These are all people who dedicate their lives and take risk to go into evacuated areas to save lives.”

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue clarified they did not organize the rescue and were only waiting to receive the animals when the animals were lost.

The volunteer, who picked up the animals, offered to help. He strapped the animals on as the storm was pounding down. Even though the crates were reported to be strapped down, the wind was able to blow some of the crates out.

Using volunteers was a last option in a desperate situation, the rescue group said.

Over the last few days, the group has already saved a number of lives, including those of goats, horses, owls, ducks and many more animals.

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