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Watch the difference in hurricane intensity levels — and what a Category 5 storm can do

As Hurricane Florence continues its track, many in the Carolinas are beginning to brace for possible impact. Hurricane Florence currently is a Category 4 hurricane.

See the differences in hurricane intensity levels in the videos above and below.

Category 1:

In a Category 1 hurricane, winds range from 74 to 95 mph. Damage is minimal and trees begin to bend.

Category 2:

In a Category 2 hurricane, wind speed ranges from 96 to 110 mph and can produce more extensive property damage as siding starts to peel off of a house and shingles shake.

Category 3:

In a Category 3 hurricane, winds range from 111 to 130 mph and can cause significant damage to property, humans, and animals. Winds become so powerful that a house can shake, a roof peel off and trees crack in half.

Category 4:

In a Category 4 hurricane, winds range from 131 to 155 mph and most trees fall, most windows break and the majority of the home’s roof is ripped off.

Category 5:

In a Category 5 hurricane, winds are greater than 155 mph and can cause catastrophic damage to anything nearby. The roof typically tears off and the walls crumble from the wind’s shear force.

In a creative Youtube video, a Weather Channel meteorologist explains the five hurricane intensity levels and the damage a typical home could sustain during each level.