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Chick-fil-A manager fired after violent viral video: ‘I wish it went differently’

WASHINGTON — The manager of a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Washington, D.C. is speaking out after being seen in a violent fight that went viral last week, according to WDCW.

“What that video showed is really just me defending myself, but I really wish it did go a whole different direction,” said Rudolph Smith, a former manager who has since been fired for the fight.

Smith said the man started yelling at a group of customers about his phone and he politely asked the man to leave.

The man in the video also came in, without a shirt on, and began yelling at customers, then at him, according to Smith.

“He said, ‘now which one of you kids said y’all was going to cut me,'” says Smith. “He pointed at me, he stepped up to my face, and said, ‘I’m going to beat you down after I finish beating the police.'”

Smith said he stepped back to his office and when he came back, the men had left.

Minutes later, the man in the video came back and Smith said he tried to come back behind the counter.

“That’s a big no-no for us, we don’t need no guests coming behind the counter,” Smith says. “I’m pushing him, I’m like you can’t be here now. you really have to go. I see a baby right there beside him, so as I pushed him more to the side out of the baby’s way, that’s when he swung on me.”

The video that went viral on social media doesn’t show that interaction.

However, a video taken by another witness, an American University freshman, Shea O’Leary, shows those few seconds before the brawl.

Read full story: WDCW

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